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About Me


Hey Y'all!

My Name is Colby & I do pottery as a hobby. I started playing with mud at the end of high school in 2010 and have been hooked ever since!
In 2011, my boyfriend (now my incredible husband) purchased a Brent pottery wheel for me which started my obsession of making beautiful creations, out of a chunks of clay!

I first thought of the idea of Spinning Glory, as being a personal ministry in May 2017... to really spread love around the globe though social media. It wasn’t until that winter (about eight months later I decided to make this into something like a mission trip, where my mugs would go all around the world, & include scripture, prayer and/or Bible verses, even if i couldn’t physically be there! I now have a huge scratch off map, and our pots are in 43 out of 50 states, Switzerland, Tasmania, Australia and MORE!!! HOLY COWWWW!! Thank you so much guys!
Most of my inspiration comes from my faith, which you'll see a lot of here on my page and social media platforms! So, if you’re new here, then i would like to personally... Welcome YOU, on to The Glory Train!