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Care & Handling

How do I care for my pieces?

As always, each Spinning Glory item is handmade with love, wheel thrown, & unique.

Ceramic gets REALLY HOT! So whatever you put into your piece, can make the vessel hot or cold to the touch... please be careful! 


When cleaning, hand washing is absolutely preferred. However, It can go into the dishwasher & the microwave!

Any abrupt changes of hot and cold can cause thermal shock. This means your piece could develop hairline cracks, if not cared for properly. If this happens, always make sure to wash your piece thoroughly. It still should be food safe if cleaned PROPERLY.

(I personally have used mugs with hairline cracks and I am still alive & well -- So I cant tell you how to live your life -- lol)


If Gold Accents or Crystals are added to your piece-- it should never go into the microwave as its real gold and will throw sparks and start a fire! Also the the microwave will make the glue (i use E6000) gummy and youll risk the crystal falling out! Also, If it goes into the dishwasher, the detergent will make the gold fade/chip.