Next Restock: Late Spring 2023 ... TBA on Instagram

The Process

Learn The Process:

All vessels are wheel thrown from a lump of clay, everything start out as mud! Pretty incredible right?!
Then we have to patiently wait for each piece to dry until it's ready to be carefully trimmed & handled.
All of my work is designed by my hands. Whether it's with a special tool that is pressed into the clay to create the mermaid scales, or hand carved to create angel wings or snowflake designs. All my work is hand painted as well, including the floral & lady bugs etc. Sometimes I'll even use cake decoration tools to make raised designs like my rose mugs. Tons of care and love goes into each piece especially with you in mind!

Next it’s set to dry again for about a week or two,
Then fired to approximately 1830° F for about 18 hours, in a special ceramic oven called a kiln

After, when it comes back out of the kiln, the bottom foot is double sanded smooth. Next it gets hand painted with 3 to 5 layers of a special chemical glaze that turns into liquid glass (this is what gives the mug that perfectly shiny coat). This time its fired again for the second time -- (just a few hundred degrees hotter) to about 2230°F for another 23 hours!

The last step sometimes includes adding real GOLD! Or a rainbow shimmer of Mother of Pearl! This is only to some pieces, where I carefully add a thin coat of Luster/liquid 22k Gold to the piece with a special brush, fire the piece for a 3rd time where it will stay in the kiln for another 5-7 hours ... THENNN its finally complete!! 🎉🎉🎉

Next is photographing and listing everything so you can finally get that email on when the restock will be!

As always, each vessel is handmade with love & wheel thrown. Many hours go into making them original, unique, & one of a kind, pieces. This will definitely make your coffee and tea time or favorite beverages so much more special.
Just keepin mind they can be hot or cold to the touch ...depending on what you put into it... so please be careful! (IT GETS REALLY HOT!) . Also, IF GOLD ACCENTS ARE ADDED, YOUR PIECE SHOULD BE HAND WASHED ONLY & CANNOT BE MICROWAVED. Check out the Care & Handling page!
If you'd love to know more, follow me on Instagram and check out my "Clay 101" highlight under my bio-- Its got a video of every step!
Btw, how cool is this before and after shot!